Who needs friends?
We have Rustbots!

An advanced NFT collection like you've never seen before incorporating all aspects of robot society. The bots of Solana have arrived! Find your RustBot and join the swarm.

What are Rustbots?

They are the solution to a dull and boring world ruled by monotony and sameness. In 2050 people were really bored... and lonely. The days were grey, nothing brought them excitement anymore. It seemed like every day some new tech-giant announced some new tech just slightly better than the last generation. This world of boring ended when a group of manufacturers introduced RustBots. A.I. powered bots that performed a variety of tasks essential to society. People couldn't get enough of them, they wondered how life was possible before they existed! This marked the beginning of a new era... the Era of RustBots.


Over the years many RustBots have been introduced to the public by various corporations, government agencies, and even celebrities join the movement and try to collect them all!

VectorBot v1.0 Civilian Version - Sparky

Sparky was initially designed to be used by the government on secret reconnaissance missions, but times changed and so did Sparkys purpose or did it!. Sparky was redesigned and manufactured by DSDC, a defense contractor turned technology giant, with the goal of meeting peoples everyday needs. From walking your dog to using his surveillance capabilities to be on the lookout for intruders, youll be sure to feel safe around Sparky! (Or scared... were still figuring that part out.)


  • STAGE 1

    Launch of our RustBots Generative Collection - last week of October This launch will be done with no presale or whitelist, we want everyone in the community to have a fair chance to obtain a RustBot during our launch. Each of our 5 body types will be included in the generative collection and will all come with unique variations.

  • STAGE 2

    Auction of the second part of our RustBots collection - November The second half of our collection will comprise of 15 1/1 Bots not included in the generative collection. These RustBots will each come with a physical version of the NFT included in the auction price. The NFTs will be used as digital keys to unlock the functionality of their corresponding physical RustBot.

  • STAGE 3

    Distribution of the Physical NFT RustBots - Q1 2022 We will have the physical versions of the 1/1 RustBot NFTs made, functional, and delivered by the end of Q1 2022.

  • STAGE 4

    Animated short-films/expansion of RustBots lore - Q1 2022 15-20 minute long animations focused on a main character (human) who sets on a journey with his RustBot. Animations introduce the RustBots Metaverse and establish a mental connection between the viewers, the main character, and all of the RustBots in this Metaverse. Animations will feature only minted RustBots and the owner of the RustBot will be able to collect a royalty for the use of their NFT in the films.